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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Armies Army

Just a heads up for all who are not aware of this, a new 15mm small scale manufacturer has recently began allowing pre-orders for his new 15mm Near future/Sci Fi Russian militia! Head over to Armies army blog on the links to the right, here is just a pic from Armies blog in case you need some eye candy to encourage you to check it out.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Armour and Marines in Training manoeuvres on Planet Ithaka 4 prior to border skirmishing with Chinese Forces in the Blood Desert. 

The Commonwealth is a vast organisation; consisting of almost 60 Earth states and a dozen off-world colonies it is perhaps one of the leading Human super powers. Its capital city, New Mumbai has become Earths first super city, a vast metropolis built upon the old foundations of the Indian city stretching as far as the Indian city of Nashik to the North East, and the City of Pune to the South. It is here that leaders of the many States and Colonies of the Commonwealth meet and it is here the future of the Commonwealth peoples is decided. 

The Commonwealth is defended by a vast army. Although this at first may seem impressive, it was only in recent years the Commonwealth finally finished modernising its forces, after-all the majority of its armies came from its most populous states which generally were considered apart of the Third or Developing world, whose forces were poorly equipped, and took extreme expenses to develop and nurture into a Modern fighting force which was combined to create a single Army. With the discovery and colonisation of new planets and a population boom which quickly followed, the Commonwealth on Earth is rapidly being overtaken by its peoples in space in contributing to its armed might. 

The Commonwealth is protected by five major forces; The traditional Airforce, Navy and Army with the new Space Navy and Planetary Marine Corps. All 5 work in unison with the other; The Space Navy provides the ability to carry large forces from planet to planet, with ships specially built to deliver troops to the ground and safely drop ships onto a planets oceans (if they have an ocean). The Navy provides a mobility and firepower from the sea, whilst the airforce specialises in atmospheric aerial combat. 

Meanwhile, the Planetary Marine Corps will advance before the wake of Commonwealth armies; an elite but small strike force decimating and holding key positions in the wake of the Iron fist of the main army. The latter, with its high mobility wheeled tanks and APCs rushes into combat to deal the final blow to the enemy. 

The Commonwealth is a power that preaches peace, forbids Imperialism if not fervently works to decimate those foreign individuals who wish to conquer land for their own benefit, it abhor's extreme capitalism, nationalism and the racism which follows. As such it now finds itself  in a very precarious situation; how can it preach these things, yet in the end, take the worlds of other intelligent beings, raise the flag over alien soil, hoard its minerals for their own gain, belittle the cultures of the conquered beasts and thrust them into walled slums to fade away in the filth they make? The contradictions are more damaging then they may first appear; many still hold on to the ideal that was once the Commonwealth and violence to maintain that ideal is not beyond them! 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Peoples Republic of China and the PLA

Here is the First post to my blog! And to start, here is the first edition to my futuristic Chinese Army! As usual i'll be posting a background to give an idea of what these guys will be up against and their history since WW3, since this all relates to my 20mm Ultra Moderns project I have on an older blog!

These Heavy APCs, are Old Crow Lancer APCs (15mm of course) with a Tank Hunter turret. Making them extremely hard hitting vehicles! Their 'load' will be making a show soon, but that will be left to another post!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Under Construction!

Hello all!

This blog is undergoing a lot of editing, I hope to have pictures on the site soon. However until then, please do feel free to browse the links section. This blog will be dedicated to 15mm and 20mm Sci fi, and will be working in cohesion with my other blog Last War Chronicles, run on another blog server.

I hope you will return soon when things have been properly set up!